Most physiological responses involve either muscle contraction or secretion of hormones and neurotransmitter substances to the external medium for signalling. It makes sense that a great effort has been historically put in the study of the cell mechanisms that trigger and control. During the last decades many experimental approaches have been used to study the so called stimulus‐secretion coupling. In this course we will revisit some of the methodological approaches used to study secretion. A particular effort will be put in exocytosis, the most common cell mechanism for release neurotransmitters and other secreted substances.

Our aim is to combine talks with 'hands on demonstrations 'carried out in a computer room. These lessons will be given by recognized experts in the field. We have put a great effort to combine good science with free time for sharing experiences of young with senior scientists in the outstanding environment of the island of El Hierro, the smaller of the Canaries.

Due to the special conditions of the course the number of students will be limited to 25.

We hope to see you in El Hierro this spring.

Ricardo Borges and Guillermo Alvarez de Toledo.

Two atypical spanish scientists